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With a growing drone business and following securing their place on one of the UK’s busiest drone frameworks, managing the drone operations, staying compliant and maintaining client communication was becoming increasingly challenging. 

Experiencing similar frustrations to drone companies across the world, they were previously using a wide range of planning tools, multiple websites, checking airspace, spreadsheets, CRM, note books and logging tools.

Having tried several drone software tools available on the market, RAS settled on Dronecloud™ as a viable option for growing their business.


Project proven

One project in particular where RAS have used Dronecloud™ to full effect was during a recent Survey along the River Thames near London City Airport. Dronecloud™ was central in managing the project, especially identifying and planning the various risks and hazards in one of the UK’s most congested environments, keeping a handle on stakeholders and flight restrictions was of paramount importance to the safety of the operations”

Just as importantly, as Martin points out, “we are impressed with the client side functionality, giving our client full visibility of our planning and schedules means we no longer have to email compliance documentation, it's all built in."


Consulting Engineers Richard Allitt Associates Ltd (RAA) have been operating UAV’s since 2014 as part of their core offering within the water and environment sectors. Following successful early innovations in inspecting difficult-to-reach river channels, the drone service area of the business developed in its own right as Remote Aerial Surveys (RAS)

At the forefront of UK operations, RAS secured a place on the new Network Rail Air operations framework to continue supplying UAV survey services to Network Rail and their clients nationwide.  


Dronecloud manages all drone operations and brings clients into the workflow

With a multi-disciplinary team working across several projects not just drone surveys, it was becoming difficult to track job progression throughout the job cycle.

Operations Manager Martin Allitt is impressed with the business workflow which is as heavily focused on job management as well as compliance, “the workflow is cleverly thought out. it seamlessly guides you through the job planning. This made it simple to know who was managing each job but also the status and schedule of events as well”.  


“The workflow is cleverly thought out. It seamlessly guides you through the job planning. This made it simple to know who was managing each job but also the status and schedule of events as well”.


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